Hasslebos history

Hasslebo yard was stablished in the 1940ies when part of the Kumlinge village inhabitants had to move away from the center. Thor Henriksson built the house for his family from logs wiyh plastering. It is situated by the Strömmen (the fairway passing Ingersholma) near to Kungshamn, a sheltered little bay with viewpoint in the cliffs above.

Ingersholma was used as grazing land for cows and shep during the summer. In former times, women had to row there for milking once or twice a day. Horses were used for working the land and for driving. The Kumlinge elders still remember the efforts and joys of these days of self-sufficiency. First in the 1950ies, electricity came to Kumlinge.

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Hasslebo Gästhem

22820 Kumlinge, Åland / Finland

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