Kumlinge church

Kumlinge´s church is dedicated to st Anna and was built in 14th century by catholic munks. The wall paintings were made in franciscan tradition and could be thought as a translation of the Bible for the unread people.

During the war in 17th century the church was used as harborage by the russian troops. After the war, it was tried to clean he walls from soot, but thus the paintings were damaged. Instead, the walls were then chalked. That layer was carefully removed during the restoration of the church in 1961, uncovering the unique wall paintings which are preserved until now.

The altar shrine is dated back to the 12th century, being the oldest in Åland. The crucifix from 13th century shows original colours on it´s backside: dark red flowers on white background. More details you can read about on the portal of Åland churches.

St Anna has wonderful acoustics and attracts musicians every year to give a concert here. See here Erko Õunapuu playing the organ:

Kumlinge church is open for visitors monday - saturday during the summer 23.6.-9.8.2014.

Wondering about Kumlinges history?

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Photos: Lasse Åkerblom

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