Our ecological profile

Hasslebo is operated consequently environment-friendly by MERIDIANA eko ab.

The guest house's heating system is fed by sun, earth and local wood. The good water from our own well is furthermore refined by Plus & minus whirling device.

We minimate pollution of drinking water by using organic soap nuts for the washing. Our grey water is then purified through reeds in our own sewage treatment. Toilet waste is separated and composted. All garbage is used as resources by re- or upcycling.

For preparing meals, we use organic and locally produced groceries, partly from our own garden.

Hasslebo's fabulous sleeping comfort is provided by SPELTEX mattresses and cushions, adapting to your body lines and supporting them.

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Hasslebo Gästhem

22820 Kumlinge, Åland / Finland

Phone: +358 (0)457 57 00 834