Your ferry to Åland:

Your travel to Kumlinge

Where the roads are ending Ålandstrafiken's archipelago ferries are waiting for you to continue your travel among thousands of islands. You can travel all the way from main Åland to Finlands mainland by the archipelago ferries.

The following lines are taking you to Kumlinge:

Norra linjen (The northern line)

The ferries "Alfågeln" and "Knipan" are going from Hummelvik (Vårdö) via Enklinge, (northern) Kumlinge and Lappo to Torsholma (southern Brändö). From Åva (northern Brändö) the ferry "Viggen" is continueing to Osnäs (Kustavi) in the Turku archipelago. Click here for the timetables (only in Swedish):

Tvärgående linjen (The cross line)

The ferries "Ejdern" or "Grisslan" are going between Långnäs and Snäckö (southern Kumlinge) via Bergö, Överö (Föglö) and Sottunga. Please pay attention that all travels from and to stop over ports have to be booked in advance directly to the ferry or to Ålandstrafikens office. Click here for the timetables (only in Swedish):


Buses run between Mariehamn and Hummelvik(line 4) as well as Mariehamn and Långnäs (line 5). Click here for the summers timetables (6.6. - 16.8.2016):

On Kumlinge

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